Whether conjuring-up music for installations, festivals, commercial record releases or live performances the mood and emotional draw is all-important. Using electronics, folk instruments and found sounds I work to craft original music that surprises, entertains and engages.

Seasonal Slumberbus (Excerpt) - Richard Bentley
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Seasonal Slumberbus

Drawing inspiration from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, we invite you to step off the high street, hop into bed, snuggle up and reconnect with the season of goodwill. Captivated by the dreamy play of lights and accompanied by a fascinating and subliminal soundtrack of clockwork whirrs wheels and well-known mid-winter melodies, you are free to explore a selection of sound toys that will reawaken your inner child. Then, warmed by that most delightful dream, make an advent offering for the coming Yuletide. 

Flamboyance : The World Turned Upsidown

The Annual Daydream Harvest quietly worked away with Aspire2, Whitley Community Development Association and Schools and community to grow a rather beautiful and unique event on the streets of Whitley South Reading.

Upsidown - Richard Bentley
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Memories of Tring Park - Richard Bentley
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Secret Symphony : Woodland Trust

Imagine walking through beautifully lit woodland with music and soundscapes transporting you to a different period in history. Visitors wander the woods, listening on wireless headphones to one of three, ten-minute compositions inspired by field recordings captured at Tring Park in Hertfordshire. (Oct 2018)

Memories of Tring Park - Richard Bentley
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Audibles - Richard Bentley feat. JMA pupils
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Visibles - Richard Bentley feat. JMA pupils
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Mechanicals - Richard Bentley feat. JMA pupils
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Audivisichanicals (Mix) - Richard Bentley feat. JMA pupils
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Flamboyance: The Spire

Working with the Annual Daydream Harvest collective to create music and sound for 'The Spire' event in Whitley . Students from the local John Madjeski Academy school recorded vocal phrases and contributed to the sound design through field recordings sourced at the school. All the elements were used in the four tracks used for the final event.  (Apr 2018)

Paraffinalia Montage 2015 - Richard Bentley
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The Turning - Richard Bentley (feat. Jude Haste)
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The Dragon Princess - Richard Bentley
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Festive Road's Paraffinalia

I have been Musical Director for Festive Road's 'Paraffinalia' event in Milton Keynes for the past two years. In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to produce original music for the shows' fire performers and work alongside LoboTren, a community drumming group, to rehearse and perform a number of pieces to accompany the story of the Red Knight and Crow King. I was asked back in 2016 to compose music to accompany the main event a battle of knights, dragons and spirits. 

Beautiful Creatures: Winter Giant

Writing music for the 'River Scene' of this winter spectacular. The music accompanied giant heron and fish puppets on their way downstream to meet the lonely Winter Giant. Working with Nature Nurture.

River Scene - Richard Bentley
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Revbjelde takes inspiration from English folk, krautrock, skiffle, blues, jazz & electronica playing live as a threepiece and releasing studio material under the Buried Treasure label. As well as writing for the band, I play hammered dulcimer, synths and percussion.

We have released our first album on vinyl back in the spring and have a number of EP releases under our belt that have had a string of positive reviews from industry press and media, including air play on Nick Luscombe's Late Junction programme on BBC Radio 3. The band release work under the Buried Treasure label. You can listen to and purchase our music here.

The Confession Box (Excerpt) - Richard Bentley feat. Jude Haste
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The Annual Daydream Harvest

I've been working with the Annual Daydream Harvest collective since 2014 as musician, sound artist and performer. Projects we have undertaken have included:

  • 'Bones of a house' exhibition at Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot - September 2016

  • Milton Keynes Fringe - August 2016

  • 'In an artist's shoes' - Roald Dahl Creativity Week, Langtree School - July 2016

  • Readipop Festival, Caversham - July 2016

  • East Reading Festival 'Insecurity Guards' - June 2016

  • Open for Art 2016 with Jelly - June 2016

  • 'Working the Makeshift' @Whitfest - May 2016

  • RePlay, Reading Year of Culture - May 2016

  • Flambouyance fire festival - February 2016.

  • 'Locomotion' for Jelly's 'Walking Words' - February 2016

  • Interactive installations at Caversham Festival 2014 and 2015.

  • Exhibition 'With Intent' at Open Hand Open Space November 2015.

  • 'ReTale' interactive installation at Jelly Arts in Reading, Summer 2015.

  • Poppycock sound sculpture created with a local primary school June 2015.

Flamboyance 2016 Theme - Richard Bentley
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The Octopus Evolves Perspective

In 2015 I was invited by Matthew Foster (Creative People) and poet Becci Fernley to write and produce a piece of music for this interdisciplinary installation. The piece integrated field recordings of local spaces with music, live poetry, sculpture and visual art exploring the story.

Perspective - Richard Bentley
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