Through formal teaching, workshops, training and support I aspire to help people of all ages and from all walks of life nurture active listening and foster a love of music making using technology. Having worked in primary, secondary, FE, HE and community arts environments, I am well-aware of the diversity of learner needs and aspirations. In adapting to the particular requirements of students, I aim to blend e-learning with more traditional face-to-face modes of learning allowing flexibility of time, space and learning path, whilst also giving the learner the human interactions that develop social skills and personal resiliance. Throughout my teaching career, I have experimented with a great deal of music related technologies in a variety of settings and am constantly adapting my delivery to make learning meaningful and engaging.

Recently, I have been employed by both Oxford Brookes University and the University of West London as a lecturer in listening, sound recording, sound theory and audio production. Before this I was a full time music technology lecturer and course leader with Reading College, teaching on both Further and Higher Education courses. During my thirteen years at the college, I was made an Advanced Practitioner (2003), received an ‘Excellence in E-Learning Award’ (2009) and garnered national attention from the City & Guilds awarding body for my interactive ‘Learn Mode’ website (2013). In addition to teaching, I provided mentorship for PGCE students, was a long-standing member of the teaching observation team and served for ten years as the Buddhist representative for the college chaplaincy providing pastoral support to students and staff.”

"Richard is entirely learner-focused... Richard is extremely approachable and forthcoming which enabled him to gain a solid rapport with his students; it was clear that he wanted the best for them... Richard is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable. He comes highly recommended."

Chi Hung Liu (Careers Advisor)

"Richard is a committed and innovative music technology teacher with a real grasp of his subject. His use of online tutorials, practical tests and personalised hands-on teaching ensure that all his learners get the most they can out of his sessions."

Matthew Foster (Curriculum Manager, Reading College)

"Richard worked with me on my E-learning products for the rollout of my ILM Entrepreneurship and Coaching programmes. Richard brings a wealth of experience to the educational arena along with insightful ideas too. I highly recommend Richard's skills. I look forward to working with him in the future on other collaborative projects."

Eileen Hutchinson (Coach, Business Mentor & Trainer @HCMA

"Richard is a committed member of the course teaching team at UWL. He is studious and thorough in his preparation for teaching and assessment. Richard engages the students in his teaching and checks learning of all students."

Nino Auricchio (Senior Lecturer at University West London)